Machine-woven carpet qualities on ALPHA carpet weaving machines

The binding possibilities supported by Schönherr carpet weaving machines are nearly unlimited. With the cam motion, one to four different ground weaves can be combined with several pile weave structures. With the installation of a rotary dobby over 50 ground bindings can be used to make approximately 220 different weave structures. A huge variety of carpet qualities can be manufactured on the ALPHA 360, ALPHA 400, ALPHA 500, or ALPHA 560 series machines.

Thanks to this diversity, carpet weavers can react very flexibly to market demand – and create innovative products that keep them one step ahead. Illustrated below are just a few examples of the wide range of possibilities:


Two-weft weave structure for highest productivity, pile knots on each weft.


Carpet with different effects, especially double pile. The double pile can be woven over the outer wefts only, or over the outer and inner wefts.


The dead pile floats within the cut pile, resulting in a clear carpet back and higher densities.


Carpet with different effects like double pile, triple pile pattern on the ground, or patterning in the carpet back.


3-turn weave structure for high-quality carpets; very clear carpet back and higher knop pull-out strength. No mixed contours.


The characteristic of this technology is that pile knops are created on every weft. Extremely high pile row densities can be woven with this technology.


Carpet with a pile height of up to 100 mm, realized in different technologies like V-weave structure or W-weave structure, usually woven with two harness frames, but possible with up to four harness frames. Including thick PP frisé yarns.

Loop structure

Loop carpet with different effects like pattern on the ground or loops over multiple wefts.


Loop carpet that can be produced using woven-through or non-woven-through techniques.


Sisal-look carpet that is usable on both sides; the carpet back is the negative of the face.


Sisal-look carpet with different floating effects over one or more wefts, preferably woven with thick BCF yarns.


A W-weave structure is used for the production of artificial grass with higher knop pull-out strength. Artificial grass can also be produced with an intermediate layer for better absorption and drainage characteristics.

Magic Weft Effect

Innovative patterns on the carpet ground can be produced with this weave structure. Different weft yarns (colors) are visible along one pick line.

Magic Weft Effect 3

A special carpet technology for vividly displaying different wefts next to each other at the same pick line, enabling “free Jacquard patterning.” When combined with the 6+6 Multi Weft Selector, up to 15 color combinations can be woven.

Magic Weft Effect Duo

This technology allows weaving a gradual transition from 100% cut pile to a pure weft pattern, thus creating areas with a “thinned out” pile. It supports creative color effects by combining up to 12 cut-pile colors and up to 5 weft colors per gripper.

Shadow effects

These carpets can be woven in one or multiple colors and with Jacquard machines. The durable shadow design is created through slanting piles or other weaving techniques such as double pile, reduction of pile density, or patterning of the ground weave.

Traditional Carpet Effect

Carpets woven at 1,020 reed/m, with eight colors, and combined with this effect appear to be hand-knotted (on both the face and the carpet back). The difference to hand-made products is noticeable only to experts. 4m weaving width is possible.

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