MODEL 11-BN 11-BN with V2B,STD. 11-BN with V2B,STD. (Split)
NO.OF SPINDLES 336 336 336
DIA OF FEED POY(mm) 420 420 420
DENIER RANGE 30D TO 300D 30D TO 300D 30D TO 300D
MECHANICAL SPEED (mpm) 1100 1100 1100
YARN SPEED (mpm) 950 950 950
PRIMARY HEATER (mm) 1750/2000 1750/2000 1750/2000
SECONDARY HEATER(mm) 1400 1400 1400 Split
COOLING ZONE (mm) 970 970 970
FRICTION UNIT (mm) 1-4-1,54,5x9x12 1-4-1,54,5x9x12 1-4-1,54,5x9x12
Lenght With Door Opened(mm) 22860 22860 22860
Lenght With Door Closed(mm) 22140 22140 22140
Width (mm) 7098 7098 7098
Height ( 1750 P.H.) , (mm) 4455 4455 4455
Height (2000 P.H.), (mm) 4765 4765 4765

Drive Load 86.40 Kw 93.90 Kw 97.20 Kw
Primary Heater Length 1750 42.00 Kw 42.00 Kw 42.00 Kw
Primary Heater Length 2000 56.00 Kw 56.00 Kw 56.00 Kw
Auxiliary 9.75 Kw 9.75 Kw 9.75 Kw
Total Connected Load(1750 P.H) 159.15 Kw 166.65 Kw 190.75 Kw
Total Connected Load(2000 P.H) 173.15 Kw 180.65 Kw 204.95 Kw
Machine weight in tons 31 Approx 34 Approx 37 Approx

One of the most significant factor is impacton plant effciency and proces speed.

Ussing he Bhagat Group’s texturising machines, it can be experiencced as.

 Straight Yarn Path

Straight and short yarn path allows smooth processing of wide range of yarns high as well as low denier per filament. It also facilitates high speed yarn processing ith ease of operations.

Semi Rotary Box Creel

Bhagat Group has been designed semi rotay box creel in such way for getting benefit of rotary creel. Four decks semi rotary box creel with aluminiumpipes and ceramic guides which ensures close yarn path between POY spool to input feed with minimum drag and swing of yarn. It is very easy to load the POY ground level to both slides.

Feed Shaft

Feed shaft is a centrally driven system use for processing all kinds of polymers. Yarn feed takes place in combination of nip rollers of apron follers. Son ip roller or apron rollers are equipped with intermediate for easy handling and for getting good quality of yarn. The machine is equipped with yarn displacement system to reduce maintenance of cots and apron belts.


Bhagat make primary and secondary vapour phase closed heaters are meant for easy operation of machine. Primary heaters are in the lenghts of 1750m, 2000mm and secondary heaters are in the lenght of 1400 mm for reducing heat losses suitable for processing in different range of product. Secondary heaters are also available in the length of 1400 mm split for execution of differen products on each side of the machine.

 Cooling Zone

                Stainless steel with nitriding process cooling rods are equipped in straight line with primary heaters and friction unit for uniform tension at the entry of friction unit. They offer a very much stable and steady proccesing of yarns. Cooling rods are available in 970mm lenghtç Fixed guides are equipped on both sides of cooling rod for better contact of yarn and to eliminater yarn surging ay high speed.

Friction Unit

                Bhasgat Group has always focused on frictiong unit as the most advantageous and fleixble form of twist insertions, by means of different working disc as well as specially developed inlet and outlet disc, the frictiong unit can be suitable for any kind of product for optimum production. This unit is equipped with PU discs of 9mm thickness and 54,5mm diameter resulting into processing of micro yarn at high speed. The friction unit can simply engage and dis-engage manually. Uniformity of twist is excellent, very low-snow generation & noise free, canging the twist direction frtom ‘S’ to ‘Z’ twist or vide-versa is simple. 

Traverse Box

                Traverse boxes are mounted oon section frame directly, the ‘ Bhagat Group’ has improved low vibration take-up section for excellent package built up, uniform ontact pressure is ensured by spring system that is adjustable for different package dentisy, The bhagat group control system allows the selection of a computer calcelated package fromation performance which allows best winding formation and unwinding performance for any of yarn. 

Cutter & Non Contact Detector

                Bhagat make cutter and sensors prevents wrapping of yarn on shaft which prevents damage to the shaft, housing, bearings and other critical components of the machines which save maintenance cost, production loss as well as wastage of yarn.

Encoder Mounting

                Tsturd encoder mounting offers trouble free operation of encoder. Encoder mounted on driven shaft and plates instead of motor which controls driven shaft RPM with closed tolerance.

BTE Flexi Dye ( Optional )

Flexi dye provides a combination of unique features for winding draw texturising de package of superior quality. Flexi dye package directly dyeable without rewinding.

D/Y Split ( Optional )

D/Y split machine ensures better life of D/Ybelts, jocky pulleys and motor bearings lasts long. The belts are not slipping in heavy denier also.

Second Intermediate (4th shaft) Optional

                Quality of micro and heavy denier roto yarns improves by using second intermediate shaft. Second intermediate shaft provides with toggle type apron arm bracket & apron roller easyoperation and line contact of the yarn.

Split Model ( Optional )

                On split model different yarn can be produce on both side with different speed, D/Y, D/R, TOF, SOF, primary and secondar heater temperatura and RPM of oil.

Twist Stopper ( Optional )

Twist Stopper are mounted the foront of primary heater to provide luster for all type of textured yarn.

Twist stopper reduce the tension while running heavy filaments.

Take-Up Zone

With new developed proven UPS cardle system ( Uniform Package System ) gives uniform density troughtout the package, thus unwinding tension remains same for maximum weight & easy unwinding for further process of package even at high speed.

Lyrca Attachment ( Optional )

The lycra attachment is mounted bellow draw zone for easy threading and operation for better intermingling lycra yarn with other yarn at the intermediate zone.